That’s the best worldview to have, one that recognizes everyone as beings, not “stuff.”

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Jan 14, 2023Liked by David B Lauterwasser

Wow! You have got it right, brother. What a LIFE you have. Very very thankful to read this posting on the basic truth of us, our lives. Plants are the way. Much love

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Dec 8, 2023Liked by David B Lauterwasser

I don't think a 'singular' comment could encapsulate my feelings about this lovely writing.

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences, thoughts and resources of further reading and content/research!

I plan on reading this writing to my partner, who I am slowly explaining my animist beliefs, and you've done such a good job at marrying Science and Spirituality.

My only comment/question is; Have you read Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer yet? That is such a good book and I kept thinking of it when reading your post here. She has another book specifically about moss, (Gathering Moss: A Natural and Cultural History of Mosses) and that one has a LOT of plant science.

Thank you again, and I hope to read more from you soon.

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